Nick Meyer

Mr. Meyer has been an educator since 2003.  He has been a teacher, math coach, and math interventionist.  His teaching career began at Carl Wilde Elementary #79 as a fifth grade teacher from 2003-2014.  He then spent seven years serving as a District Math Math Coach for IPS.  He is beyond excited by the opportunity to teach and help to build the culture of Ganas, Orgullo, and Comunidad at Monarca.  Mr. Meyer’s passion is helping students build a positive mathematical identity and debunking the myth that people are not good at math.  Mr. Meyer strives to create spaces in which students feel safe to bring all aspects of their identities into the classroom.  Mr. Meyer believes that students should have the agency to give feedback in the classroom so that their individual needs are met.  

Jazmin Nysewander

Jazmin Nysewander is Monarca’s 6th grade Science and Social Studies instructor. She aspires to instill a joy for learning and a hope for the future within her students. Jazmin feels grateful to play a part in a school that is radically devoted to putting a child’s humanity above all else in their education; a school that consistently provides each student with a meaningful, equitable education; and one that equips them with the tools needed to envision and create a world filled with more justice. She looks forward to connecting her content areas with her students’ lives as well as their global context.