1. When can I enroll my child?
    First enrollment through Enroll Indy was October 29th, 2021 – January 31st, 2022 with results being released February 24th. Second lottery enrollment will be accepted February 1st – April 29th, 2022 with results being released on May 19th, 2022.
  2. Where can I enroll my child?
    You can enroll by visiting our website at monarcaacademy.org and clicking on the “enroll here button” or click on “schedule a call” to speak with one of team members,
  3. Will there be meals provided?
    Monarca Academy will provide free or reduced meals to all students who’s parents have applied and approved for this benefit.
  4. Will Monarca provide transportation?
    Monarca Academy will coordinate and provide proper transportation for all students that live within Indianapolis.
  5. Where will the school be located?
    Monarca Academy will be located in a West side neighborhood in Indianapolis.
  6. Will there be before and after school activities?
    Monarca Academy is planning on having before and after school activities with appropriate staffing.
  7. Is there a cost to attend Monarca Academy?
    There is NO COST to attend Monarca Academy.
  8. Will uniforms be required/provided?
    Uniforms will be required/provided at Monarca Academy. If there is a cost for uniforms the parents may reach an agreement with the leadership staff at Monarca.
  9. What will my child be learning at Monarca Academy?
    At Monarca Academy, we have high academic expectations. All students have access to a grade-level curriculum aligned to high academic standards that utilize a discourse-focused and inquiry-based instructional model, as well as problem- and project-based learning. Students will be prepared to take Honors, AP, and Dual Credit courses in high school.
  10. How can I find out more information about Monarca?
    Visit our website or schedule a call at monarcaacademy.org
  11. How do I learn more about the Monarca Team?
    Learn about our Leadership team and board by visiting; https://www.monarcaacademy.org/meet-our-team/